About Our Farm


Welcome to Rising Phoenix Community Farm! It’s actually not even a place yet but a way of life, a statement, goal and aspiration. I don’t own land so for now, I’m a traveling farmer!

I hadn’t set out to be a farmer but always wanted to live out of the city whether it was in the woods, mountains or in the country.  As long as I didn’t have any close neighbors, I could see the stars and not hear the hum of traffic. I travelled around the world trying to find a place and realized it was right here in northern Minnesota! I’ve lived in Duluth since 2005, and in that time I’ve gradually learned more about farming from friends in Dubuque, IA at the New Hope Catholic Worker Farm, Northern Harvest Farm (where I interned in 2010) and finally from the Farm Beginnings course from which I graduated in 2010.

I now consider myself a traveling farmer until I can buy my own land. For my first season in 2011, I farmed in Esko, MN.  In 2012, I farmed alongside Catherine Conover at Stone’s Throw Farm in Wrenshall, MN (right across the road from where I interned in 2010!). And since 2013, I have been farming on two plots for a total of 1 1/3 acres in Saginaw, MN.

I operate a 27 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with the intention of forming a community of people around local food. It is a group of people that want to know their farmer and want fresh, organically grown local produce. Many of my members are Working Members and contribute their skills, gifts and labor to the farm by creating this website, planning events, planting seedlings in spring, weeding carrots, and washing veggies.

I’d be lost without them! It is an amazing group of people. It’s a lot of work running a farm but I go to bed tired and happy and wanting to do it all over again the next day. Not many people can say that about their jobs!